Saturday, 20 October 2012

Interlude 2 - The cake

Oh I will probably burn in a suitably comfy hell for this...eventually. So, our clan leader has birthday today and as a loyal minion I decided to make him the most awesome larp cake ever made(tm). After many days and nights spent in my secret moonbase workshop I finally finished my project.

BUDGET: 300 gazilion mexican pesos, equal to over 9000 bulgarian leva or about 15 bucks for the cake, chocolate sweets and oreos.

MATERIALS: Cake, Oreos, chocolate sweets, toothpicks.

TOOLS: At least one working hand with a thumb and one more finger(rest are optional).

Clearly this dramatic cake diorama is unworthy of our glorious leader but I hope that he will find it his heart to accept the gesture, especially since there are Oreos in there. Seriously - Oreos!

So that no one mistakes it for something done in 10 minutes with stuff I bought from the supermarket, instead of secret cooking techniques passed on in my family for generations, I even included a label clearly saying
Larp Cake "EPIC" 9002 levs.

Still, maybe I should wear a helmet tonight, just in case Varg tries to kill me with a spoon. 

Oh yeah, there is a moral to the story too - never taking larping so seriously that you can't make or take a joke about it. 

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