Sunday, 3 January 2016

How to make cheap and replaceable seals and purity seals

A wax sealed letter is cool, besides you will always know if someone has been reading your private correspondence in LARP. Plenty of people love the staple of both Warhammer universes - the purity seal.

You can always use actual wax and a candle, however those might not always be available, especially out in the field. Besides, unlike cosplay, in larp you can on occasion expect your kit to be damaged, lost or even gifted away. This means that a cheap, easy to make and recycle alternative would be nice.

I recently tried and had no problems using something much simpler - common red playdoh.

Unlike wax seals - you don't need fire, and it can be recycled at any time - just reshape it and stamp it again. Wax on the other hand is harder to reshape and remove.

A simple example piece which i stuck on my wardrobe.

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Carl Holmer said...

Great idea, I do have a lot of wax but some people don't have that luxury and for them this seems really good.

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