Friday, 5 February 2016

Premade larp bandages

In Larp, people die.

Except they usually don't want to, and sometimes only end up wounded.
Usually that means you need to take care of the wounds, bandage the guy and send him back to get killed properly this time.

 Naturally you need some bandages ready. And its best if they look the job. Here we discuss how to make quick simple ready to use bandages. All you need is long stripes of cloth and some bloody red paint.

After that you simply put some bloody stains on most of the cloth strip. These were made from an old T-shirt so, yeah you can recycle again.

They look quite well, and you can make them as big as you want. One thing to remember - leave about 20-30 from one end clean of blood stains. When you roll up your bandages you will start from the stained end first, and wrap them in the clean end - thus they will look fresh when you pull them out from the medicine bag.

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