Saturday, 25 June 2016

Advanced hip quiver

Serious archery, requires serious investment in equipment. If you are only trying it out, even a pair of old jeans can be converted easily.

I myself needed something better. Inspired by a hungarian horse archer master, I designed myself a new, high capacity hip quiver from proper leather.

 It works remarkably well and I am quite happy with the results. It can hold a large amount of larp arrows(currently loaded with 15 but there is room for more) which suits me perfectly. Loaded with normal arrows it could probably hold almost 100 max.


Alas, making it won't be possible with just duct tape, good will and whatever you found in the attic. 
I used 4mm moderately hard leather and I recommend the same. Its expensive BUT if there is a leather workshop nearby you can buy leftovers and then combine them into big pieces like I did. 
You will also need something to cut the leather good, a simple home scissors will break/blunt itself, although you can, if you combine it with a sharp knife. Rivets or very strong thread is necessary too. Hole punchers for the leather - either hand punch or hammer punches, whatever you can find. I have a hand punch and I decided on rivets for extra durability.


 The top of the quiver has to be wide. That's where the belt passes through and since its a wide connection, you don't have to tie it to your hip - it stays put while you move around.
The quiver itself must be flat, and roughly 60-70 sm long. Mine is 67sm long. You can make it as wide and with as many arrow slits as it fits you.

 Since the quiver is flat, the arrows have a hard time falling out. Its not impossible, but gravity alone is not enough. Here I am holding it upside down with no effect. Needs a good shake up for them to start dropping.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Premade larp bandages

In Larp, people die.

Except they usually don't want to, and sometimes only end up wounded.
Usually that means you need to take care of the wounds, bandage the guy and send him back to get killed properly this time.

 Naturally you need some bandages ready. And its best if they look the job. Here we discuss how to make quick simple ready to use bandages. All you need is long stripes of cloth and some bloody red paint.

After that you simply put some bloody stains on most of the cloth strip. These were made from an old T-shirt so, yeah you can recycle again.

They look quite well, and you can make them as big as you want. One thing to remember - leave about 20-30 from one end clean of blood stains. When you roll up your bandages you will start from the stained end first, and wrap them in the clean end - thus they will look fresh when you pull them out from the medicine bag.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

How to make cheap and replaceable seals and purity seals

A wax sealed letter is cool, besides you will always know if someone has been reading your private correspondence in LARP. Plenty of people love the staple of both Warhammer universes - the purity seal.

You can always use actual wax and a candle, however those might not always be available, especially out in the field. Besides, unlike cosplay, in larp you can on occasion expect your kit to be damaged, lost or even gifted away. This means that a cheap, easy to make and recycle alternative would be nice.

I recently tried and had no problems using something much simpler - common red playdoh.

Unlike wax seals - you don't need fire, and it can be recycled at any time - just reshape it and stamp it again. Wax on the other hand is harder to reshape and remove.

A simple example piece which i stuck on my wardrobe.