Thursday, 9 July 2015

Mortal wounds and first aid in bulgarian larps (Dragon realm rules)

The second video tutorial, explaining mortal wounds and first aid.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Basic safety on bulgarian larps

A nice short clip made for foreigners arriving to our summer nation-wide larps.

It will be first of several, which is good. We needed something like that for quite some time, It gets annoying to explain the same things over and over again.

Weapon and armor safety however should require a separate video, since they are not covered at all here (except plate armor edges) 

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Fantasy larp in Greece.

Every now and then I'm struck with a moment of inspiration.

In my post from 3 years ago, detailing the existing organizations in the Balkans,

I mentioned the lack of any greek fantasy larp group. Last winter I went on another search with little luck, except for vampire/parlor larps. Needless to say, my opinion was that this was simply unacceptable. About a week went into exploring various DnD, RPG and fantasy sites and groups and the answer was always "No idea, try next doors.".

Finally I decided that we will make our own brand new larp organization. With blackjack! And hookers!

Volunteers and enthusiasts were gathered one by one from various places. Information and devious propaganda was used on industrial scale. Nobody knew where this ride would end, but one thing was certain - we were going places.

One blunder after another and finally, several months later, all the effort gave fruit.

Larp club of Greece was born!
Its still small(about 15 active members in Athens? Individuals in other cities), its very young, it has very little equipment, but its alive and kicking. The very first stage - getting boots on the ground was passed. Now all it takes is to grow, expand and be awesome.

Locals  now drive the project themselves and are putting decent effort.

With some luck, it will grow into a nice big larp community by the end of the summer.

I'd say a job well done. Once I find the time and motivation, I'm taking on Romania.