Wednesday, 5 December 2012

All quiet on the Eastern(european) front.

Oh just kidding - not quite. Recently I've been busy with something special - making friends in foreign lands. Over the course of a few weeks contact was established with larp groups in the neighbouring countries, except for Greece(no answer yet), Macedonia(no groups found) Kosovo and Albania(should I even bother with these two?)

Anyway here is the contact info for LARP groups in the Balkans.

 First for LARP Bulgaria since thats my own

One single community - about 200 members strong, no separate larp organisations or groups, spread around the country but most members are in the big cities.
The main site and forum is here  It has an english section too.

LARP Serbia

Single community with about 50+ members, no separate larp organisations. They are mostly based in Belgrade.

I've not found any sites for contact, this is a page for one of their groups and you can contact the rest from here This facebook page is hopefully going to be used to unite all larp organisations in the Balkans.

LARP Turkey

I don't know much about LARP Turkey yet. There seems to be a mostly unified community, however it was concentrated on room-based RP heavy LARPS before. Only recently they've started experimenting with an organisation similar to ours. Its membership is at least the size of LARP Serbia, but it is unknown how many would participate in mixed games and how many would stick with RP heavy games.

For contact you can go here

Here's another link for contacting LARP Turkey thanks to Sensee Cosplay

LARP Croatia

Larp Croatia is roughly the size of Larp Serbia, 50+ members in one unified community.  Contact with them can be established via these two sites and We've had some limited contact with them so far - only on the internet and through our visits to Serbia.

LARP Romania

No photo of them unfortunately. LARP Romania is fairly young - there is a group of 1-2 dozens based in Iasi, as well as some ethusiasts in Bucharest. You can find them from this site (still under construction)

LARP Greece

Nothing concrete here as well. Though they certainly had a larp group active in Athens around 2011, I've been unable to contact them so far.  I am still trying, but no luck for the time being.

That's it for now! More info when I get it.

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Ivan Zalac said...

Nice read!

I've detailed the Croatian larp community here:

Croatian larping community has around 150 active larpers (and by that, I mean they participated or will participate in at least one larp this year). There are separate organizations and groups, and they commonly disagree about a lot of stuff. High fantasy is the most common genre, with most of the games running in a shared world. There's another fantasy campaign (Terra Nova), a Steampunk campaign (Para pokreće svijet) and several one-shot larps of varying length. Croatian larp is currently focused in Zagreb, with only one group (Gaia) from Osijek.

Serbian larp is bigger than Croatian larp, though younger. They have a lot of new groups. Biggest groups are Zeleni Barjak (or Green Banner - from Novi Sad - they run VLARP, the largest larp in Serbia) and GOR (from Belgrade - the oldest larp group in Serbia). They also have other groups such as Kamena Straža (from Šabac), Angels of Heavens, Beli orlovi, Plameni, Ordo tempus, and possibly a few more. From what I understand, they tend to disagree a lot as well.

There's also Slovenian larp. LARP Slovenia consists mostly of the members of the Gil-Galad Tolkien fan society from Ljubljana. Their website can be found here: - there's about 10 players in total, they ran two short larps earlier this year, and they're organizing trips to Drachenfest (3 of them attended this year). They're currently a bit dormant as two main organizers are out of country until April.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has a small larp community, two people from Sarajevo joined the Tragači zore larp in Croatia 2 months ago and got hooked. Several more had to cancel. There are no Bosnian larps yet, but there are larpers...

Hungary has several larp scenes (in total about twice the size of Croatian larp), and several organizers who run rather different kinds of events when compared to one another. We've been in good contact with "Chronicles of Demgard" group.

Buskador said...

Thank you for the updated info. I gave very modest estimates just to be on the safe side.

Sensee Cosplay said...

Thank You for adding LARPTurkiye ! ^^
Your works are amazing too *-* I hope we'll go ahead more more cool works together! ^^
This is our blog:
I'm Sensee Cosplay, LARP Turkey blog and twitter manager and one of costume designers. i'll publish your blog too ^^

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