Monday, 31 December 2012

Last Interlude for 2012

Well the year will be over in  a few hours. So, what's the news for 2012?

For starters this blog started and progressed quite well.

I finished university which left me with more free time as a plus...and soon to be looking for job as  a minus.

A few games were played in 2012, most notably STALKER larp 4, which despite some problems was as good as always. The main event - the National LARP 2012 saw great attendance - around 150 people, with serious presence from Serbia. Hopefully things will be the same for next year and even better. After all in the last months of 2012 contact was established with romanian and turkish larpers and with any luck they will be coming to visit as soon as next spring.

With any luck 2013 will easily surpass 2012. We have major community projects planned, as well as a lot of personal ones for me. I still have weapon designs to finish and show and I only started the armour topic (let alone costuming), so there will be work to be done next year.

See you again when I sober up.

Cheers from Buskador.


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