Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Heavy duty larp boffer arrow

 This Sunday, during my practise, I noticed something funny about the heads of my boffer arrows.Namely, that I've had a bit of an accident with one of them- the shaft had somehow pierced the head.

 I quickly dropped it all and inspected all of my arrows. Sure enough I found another few with the same issue and other that were on the way as well...As you can see - the plastic bottle cap is already fractured.  Obviously my stress testing which was indeed a bit rough, showed that the Hungarian recurve was too strong for ordinary boffer arrows.

 Therefore I went for making better ones, before Someone gets an arrow in the eye...or knee.

For this, I decided on two things - adding a cork, and a coin to the head. That's a simple wine cork, leftover from New Year's eve, rest is pretty clear.

 First thing I did was drill a hole in the cork with a drill the same diameter as the arrow shaft.
 That's because the cork won't be used to cover the shaft - it will instead keep the head stable - not leaning to the left or right.

 Bit of tape was added, since the cork is not the same diameter as the cap.
 After that its business as usual for making a boffer arrow. Cap with coin is fitted on and firmly secured with tape...

 Then the foam layers are added. One side layer, 2 top layers to be precise.
   And its done. I will put it to the test soon enough. Making more will be a bit of a problem, since I don't have that many corks around. I might have to find a replacement for it.

Moral of the story? Stress test and double check your arrows!

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