Thursday, 6 June 2013

Heavy fighting

People tend to clasify larp combat with many terms. At the other end of the ultra light boffers and lightest touch things however, we find the more...physical aspect of things.

A yellow armband rule as we state it, means that between themselves - two armband players are allowed tougher combat - grappling, good force swings etc. Things that are not allowed otherwise. The armband itself signifies NOT your willingness to dish out damage - but rather that you are ready and willing to accept it. It used to be done via mutual agreement and consent between 2 players, normally in a duel. The armband rule allows folks to do it in a big open battle without first asking if the other guy is ok with it.

Here's some local examples. Mind you that's not theatrical fighting the way the germans like to do it.

General advice I'd say is - don't try this. It will take a good time of training before you can do it safely. If you are willing though, adopt things at a slow pace and train, train, train....

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Anonymous said...

I'd add - "don't try this without a helmet".

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