Saturday, 19 May 2012

Advanced soft core larp knife

In the previous tutorial on larp knives shown here , we described to get an easy to make soft knife. This is good for a beginner, but giving it a bit more time and more attention to detail can go a long way.

Here I'll show you how with some extra work you can get a good looking weapon, not just a functional one.

Advanced soft larp knife

Budget: 1-5$

Materials: pair of flip flops- I picked biggest available, made from a sturdier foam. Yeah I had to buy them, I don't have that many old pairs just lying around. Various tapes, glue, a bit of pipe foam, a strip of leather - got it from an old fake leather belt - you can improvise here. Glue.

Tools: scissors, paper knife.

Recommended for: A hidden blade, backup or a boot knife. Since it lacks a hard core don't try to use it in open fights as a parrying dagger unless you don't care much about your knuckles.Depending(literally) on the density of the flip flops you pick for the core, it can fly quite well - at least the one I made now is just heavy enough to fly very decently as a throwing knife with  range of 5-10m.

And here we go.

 First things first - with the paper knife and scissors - shape the blade of the knife. Give it a real edge.
   When you are done, wrap the knife blade, its time to do the handle piece next.
 Mostly even...I could have done better if I'd picked a sharper knife.
 Now its time to get the handle ready. First cut off a piece of foam for the knife pommel.
Then start wrapping the handle in duct-tape. I also added a small bit for a guard again.

 Now the handle is wrapped in tape and the pommel is attached, but only loosely - don't wrap it fully just yet - you will see why.
Next take the leather strip, get some glue on it and start wrapping it around the handle.

 In the end you'd get something like this if you were doing ok. Thats why the pommel was left barely hanging.
 Finally, wrap the two ends of the handle in duct tape again to secure the leather and the pommel and
we are done. The only thing I could have done better was the sharpening of the blade, but I do have some ideas how to do that part better.

 This is roughly as far as you can get without latex, but unlike latex weapons this takes 15 min. to make so its eventual loss would hardly be mourned.

And it certainly does not compare to these:

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Anonymous said...

Perfect! A thousand and one thanks friend!

Vague Raconteur said...

Not bad for a fifteen minute job!

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