Monday, 14 May 2012

Hello and welcome

To Buskador's larp designs.

LARP is a great hobby. It allows both immersion in a game world, a fair amount of  rather thrilling gameplay and good exercise. As with anything else - its done differently around the world. There is the US larps which are sometimes barely more than boffer tags and have become famous (or rather infamous) for this. Then there are the european larp fests which range from small ones to absolutely huge like Drachenfest and Mythodea with thousands of participants. And then of course there is the russians... These vary in many things - requirements, fees, entry and so on, but also on sophistication. Where a decentish Drachenfest regular would've spent a thousand euros on a set of armour bought from a store and a latex weapon, the average US boffer tag player would have a home made sword and a t-shirt he can safely part with. Russians often fight with blunt real weapons and actually take casualties but hey - its not proper fun for them, if no blood is drawn.

This blog is not aimed at people with enough money to buy from LARP stores, though they will find it useful.

This blog is not aimed at people who don't want to put any effort in their work and are happy to swing their "dickswords" around.

This blog is aimed for the middle ground - those who want to improve and are willing to put effort, but don't have that much financial backup.

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