Wednesday, 20 June 2012

How is larp seen outside the community - Larp related movies part 2 The wild Hunt(2009)

The second larp movie I know of is the Wild Hunt(2009)
Where Role models was cheerful and generally aimed at a younger audience, the Wild Hunt is definitely not. Its far more mature and a bit(or more than just a bit) scary at a few points.

The story is at first rather simple - Erik on the verge of breaking up with his girlfriend Lyn, follows her to a LARP game to confront her, sticking out like an elephant in a china store, because he does not join the game. So far so good, but things start going south when the game becomes more than just a game.

The Wild Hunt is not for kids and it will rather put them off larping, rather than promote the hobby. Its dark, its scary, its gloomy.  It shows in a thinly veiled form a good deal of questions. Where is the line between fantasy and reality? What is real? Just how easy it is to lose yourself and do what your inner self wants.
   Well if you haven't given up on it, good for you. Watch it, you will like it - it shows a different side of larping which also needs to be shown.

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