Saturday, 16 June 2012

Recycling an old homemade larp boffer sword part 2

Previously on Buskador's LARP....

Last time we took this old torn boffer sword and gut it out like a fish. Now we are going to remake it.

While we already have a guide on Single edged swords this one will also serve as such for double edged swords. What we are going to get here is pretty much the classical "sword" stereotype, which everyone will be able to look at and say oh a medieval sword and be right. In other words - the Oakeshott type XII

From the old larp sword I kept only the core and the pommel, I decided to make a new sword guard piece eventually.Here we go!

Talking about sword guard, I decided to start with it, instead of making the blade first. For the guard I cut up two plastic bottles.

Then, I cut those in 6 strips of plastic and held them together with tape. From this I cut out the shape of the sword guard. We are using plastic bottles because they are far more durable than guards made from foam or cardboard. It will actually stop another sword from sliding down your blade so yes - it works too.

This is now fitted on the sword and two piece of foam and added to either end both for visuals and to keep the edges covered. The guard is tied firmly in its place with a piece of cable, same I retrieved when removing the old guard piece in part 1. Then its wrapped in tape and we move on for the time being.

Next thing on the list was hammering in a counter weight similar to the one shown here. After that the pommel is filled with screw to act as additional counter weight and fitted on.

Then we give the handle an oval shape by adding leftover bits of flip flops  from the making of the Advanced soft core larp knife. This will improve handling and keep you from hitting people with the flat.

 Finally - the outer shell is added. Leather is glued on for better grip and grey tape for better looks.
Now the pommel, handle and guard are finished and we only need to make the blade of the sword.
There is nothing special to it, its no different from the other swords I've made so far except that now both sides must be symmetric since we got a double edged sword here. 
Its important to pay attention to the tip especially if you plan on stabbing with it. I've inserted another piece of foam in the pipe itself

And after wrapping the blade, we are done. An old boffer is given new life and its ready for the summer games. 

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Man-fish said...

just wanted to let you know that using this design has changed the way our combat works making our larp a better place :P

Buskador said...

Glad it was of use. Care to send some photos?

Man-fish said...

yeah, will need to take some pictures. might have them in a week or so

Buskador said...

Well, I meant pictures of your swords, not of your games, though that would be nice too. ;)

Man-fish said...

yeah i meant the swords too, but wont have the camera for a week or so :P

Buskador said...

Sooo what happened with those photos?

Buskador said...

Hellooo? Photos? Anyone?

Unknown said...

I love your crossguard design and I've tried it out myself but due to material availability I used cut up pringles cans instead of plastic bottles and it turned out great!

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