Wednesday, 20 June 2012

How is larp seen outside the community - Larp related movies part 1 Role models(2008)

Now, I'm not out of steam, but I'm still tinkering before I get a new piece of gear done. I can't fill the attic with a veritable armory anyway...(Or can I? My room already stores enough for half a dozen men at arms). So while I'm thinking about what to design next, let's talk about something different, namely - how the hobby is represented to the...heh "masses". And the most mainstream media for this was of course - the cinema.
I know of 3 LARP related movies so far -
Role models (2008)

The Wild Hunt (2009)

And the upcoming Knights of Badassom

For each of them I'll write a short review(Well in the case of KoB - when its released) and point out both the good and bad parts of them in what they do.

First one is - Role models

The story in short: Two energy drink spokesmen get in trouble with the law and are forced to either go to jail or join in a community service - namely a "Big brother" program. One of them gets landed with a kid that goes larping. Rest is well..rolling in the way the viewer would expect.

     Role models follows a rather typical for US movies premise of  kids in school with issues achieving their goals. LARP is present but more like a setting - not a central topic. It could be baseball, basketball, football, ballet or anything else. Still the general representation is typical of a smallish US larp game, with no more fun being made of it than we do ourselves, and the actors and director handle it decently. The movie is fun and enjoyable for everyone regardless so I'd recommend if you want something easily accessible.

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