Friday, 20 July 2012

How to make a larp boffer kukri

You know, because kukri are awesome  and gurkhas are awesome too. If you have one, you are awesome yourself by default(either a kukri or a gurkha).

Anyway, the kukri is perhaps the last still used curved blade in existence. Modern ones are smaller than the original, being all in all an oversized combat knife. Old kukris varied but at 40+ sm length, they fall right in the short sword category for me. Anyway

Larp boffer kukri. 

For the record, this is the first time I don't like how a new weapon turns out. The tip could have been better. 

I'm not going to give YET again the budget, tools and materials, since they are all the same as for other weapons around. One thing you should consider is how long you want your kukri - that is do you want a big knife or a short sword.


First things first. I decided to use 40something sm core for my kukri, which with tip and pommel would bring it close to half a meter. 
The core needs to get a roughly 20 degrees bend so we use the method described here.
Once its done we can start with the blade.
The blade itself is made in the same way as all other I've made so far.
 What is of note of course, is its more specific shape which can easily be achieved with extra layers of foam.
 After that its a rather mundane task to wrap it in tape and move to the handle piece right?

 First a piece of foam from a flip flop - it has density and durability and it will shape out the handle of the kukri.
 After that a few finishing touches with the paper knife and we are nearly finished.
Whats left to be done is by now standard procedure - wrap the handle in leather for better grip...
 A small pommel piece, just to keep the end of the leather firm and we are done.

 Chop chop!

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Ursan Snow said...

If you layer your foam the other way so that you have 4 layers in the shape of the blade sandwiched together and use Dap Contact cement instead of tape, you'll turn out a much nicer looking and durable product.

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