Sunday, 15 July 2012

Larp boffer javelin live testing photos.

Here are some photos from the live testing of the  MK 1 Boffer Javelins that went on during Saturday's training session. Range, usefulness and safety were all found to be good.

For the purpose of holding, I made myself a very basic javelin quiver, which was made for 10 min from available trash just for this one task, and thus won't get any more attention. I'll make a better one and post a how to for it in time.

 As it turned out the javelins fly well and can quickly turn someone who's busy otherwise(like trying to read from a spell book) into a pin cushion.

 "Direct hit!"

And another one!

"Oi you there! Catch!"

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Red said...

Nice work, that's some pretty good distances.

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