Saturday, 1 September 2012

Larp Serbia's combat system

Larp Serbia has a combat system designed for smaller PvE events. It also has a feat and class system which supplements it but I won't describe it here. It allows for I dare say a bit more realistic combat, however its almost impossible to implement in a large scale battle.

This is a very short summary unfortunately, I don't have their actual full rule set.

Armour comes in 6 grades.


1-light gambeson, light leather
2-thick gambeson, thick leather
3-harden thick leather, chain mail
4-metal scales, chain mail with gambeson
5-plates (like lamellar or lorica segmentata)
6-plate (full plate maille) (you will need skills/feats, magic aid as well as a big weapon to defeat full plate)

on other side there are 5 grades of standard weapons
1-knife (max 45cm)
1-arow hand held(yes you can stab with it)
1-club (max 145cm)
2-short sword (max 90cm)
3-small axe/mase (max 90cm)
3-long sword (max 120cm)
4-2H axe/mase (max 120cm)
4-2H sword (max 150cm)
5-great axe (max 150cm)

1-dart shurrican...
2/3-short spear120cm (hand/trown)
3-short bow, hand crossbow
4-long bow, standard crossbow
5-heavy crossbow(arbalest)

all weapons  longer than 150 cm got +1
all weapon capable for trusting piercing strike like knife/sword got +1
***** long spear is knife (1) with piercing (+1) on long handle (+1) so its total of (3)

In battle you compare the strength of armour versus your weapon and the superior one wins, if you got short sword (2/3) facing a  chain mail (3) you can't damage it and must aim for an unprotected spot

A hit that goes trough armour wounds the limb, second valid hit to that limb cuts it of and you must go down dead/dying.
Thus if you have 
 one hand wounded - still alive
both legs wounded - still alive
two valid hits to one limb - dead
both hands wounded - dead
both legs and one arm - dead
torso - dead

head neck and groins are illegal same as in Larp Bulgaria's system zones but however hits  with range weapons could be accepted.

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